Daily Prompt: Five Items

A classic question, revisited: what are the five items you must have on a deserted island? – Daily Post

This one has really got my mind thinking, and it’s a question I’ve often thought about. It’s also a difficult one, but lets see what I can come up with.

  1. First one would have to be my journal. Writing is a lifeline to me, and being alone on an island I would need somewhere to reflect and outlet my emotions and feelings. I would probably go even more crazy without this part of my day-to-day survival kit. Not only could I use it to write, but to doodle, collect things and possibly even use the paper for other survival methods.
  2. So if I’m taking a journal, a pen would be kind of useful. For what use is paper if I cannot bleed ink onto it?
  3. Third would be my Trollbead bracelets. My silver one because it represents strength, love and a light in the dark. My leather one my brother got for me to remind me of my roots; who I used to be before all of my ‘issues’. A reminder that no matter how lost or lonely I am, I should always remember who I really am.
  4. A book. Any book! I can’t go anywhere without something I can read. I need escape and a distraction and a book is my sure fire way of doing these things.
  5. A lighter would also be useful. I never carry one as I don’t smoke, but from a survival point of view, starting a fire can’t be a bad thing. It gives warmth, light, something to cook with, a signal for rescue and it helps boost morality. Yes, I did get that last point from Bear Grylls!

So there we have it, my five items that I must have on a deserted island.

F. x

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