Blonde of the Rings

It’s been a pretty nice weekend, even if it did start a bit on the comical side.

I had a lot on my mind Friday; my car was in the garage having its MOT, the wedding has been on my mind a lot and then what I was going to do when I got home. I was on a half day you see. I went to lunch with some colleagues, which was lovely and a good laugh. All the while I’d still not heard from the garage, which was playing havoc with my anxiety. I really don’t have the money to fork out on anything big at the moment.

But after lunch was over, I dropped Mike’s suit off to the dry cleaners and trotted up to the garage, heart in my mouth. I walked in and the girl was dealing with an awkward customer on the phone. Finally she hung up and sighed. I mentioned my name and she said; “Ah yes; it passed!”

I can’t tell you how relieved I was! And how proud of my car I was…I’ve had it for 5 years, put a lot of miles on his clock and i’ve gone through a lot in that driving seat. So, sadly, I’m rather fond of my little Fiesta. I was congratulating it most of the way home!

Then I got home, rummaged through my handbag to find I’d left my house keys at work. Now, I wasn’t driving a 40 mile round trip to pick them up, no way. So I called gran, who has my spare key! Purely for emergencies, like her blonde granddaughter locking herself out! She’s known me all my life, so this is pretty normal!

Grandma and Grampy to the rescue! I made them a cup of tea for their trouble and had a nice catch up. Mike got home, the grandparents departed, the shopping turned up, mum turned up and that was Friday.

On Saturday, we slept in and then decided to go into Bath. We grabbed a coffee in the Cosy Club, where I was told by Mike I was never talkative in these types of place. And he’s right; I used to be right at home in busy environments, surrounded by people talking, in their groups and dull music in the background. Where there were people, I was happy.

Now, I just want to get the hell out of busy places. I get distracted by everything around me, my mind starts whirring. I can’t focus on my own mind, let alone the poor people with me. Sorry Mike. Conversation fails me and I fade into the background of noise.

After we got out of there things improved. Mike showed me a suit he liked for the wedding, and it was lovely. He’s going to look amazing! We then went on up to the jewelers, seeing as Mike was here I could now get his ring size and see what wedding bands took his fancy. He’s not a jewellery person at all; doesn’t wear rings, chains or anything and he isn’t keen on the idea of a wedding ring.

But he went in without a fuss and tried on some different styles and finishes. Not only did I want to tick something off on the list, but I wanted him to see the options and make his own decision. I already know the one I would like, so it was important to me that he chose one he was comfortable with. He loved the matt finish style and went for a slight D court band in palladium. It was a plain band, but the metal means it’s light and doesn’t need any coating – perfectly low maintenance!

It was strange seeing Mike’s hand with a ring on, but the one he picked really suited him. He seemed to actually like it as well. Things are now becoming more real; we’re going to be married! I’m marrying the man I love, and who loves me. Seeing the ring on his finger was very moving, the symbol of our new life and love together. It’s going to be incredible!

The rest of the day was dull in comparison, but lovely nonetheless. We both updated our wardrobes a little, got some lunch and went home to chill out. And today we cleaned the house, top to bottom. Mike is nursing man flu the only way he knows how; hardcore PC gaming! And I am here writing this here blog, then I’m off to meditate. Or read, not sure yet… And then its back to work tomorrow *sigh*. No rest for the wicked, eh?

Have a good week everyone!

F. x


3 thoughts on “Blonde of the Rings

  1. I am so happy for you, getting married, being in love, exciting times ahead. You are a lucky girl..x
    And MOT time..MY GOD I HATE IT!! This year it flew threw just one tyre @ £50 or something…
    Last year was SORE..£400 on all break disks and pads, But that will be the breaks sorted for a few years..

    I am happy you are happy..

    Shaun x

    1. Hehe, I am indeed a lucky girl🙂. Cars can be a royal pain in the ass, but I’ve been lucky so far with this one. I think MOTs are the worst time of the year!

      Thanks Shaun🙂 x

      1. Yeah I have MOT time…
        The MOT is only £25, but you don;t know if it;s going to be £25 or £5,000😀

        I hate the not knowing😀

        And my pleasure…I love to see happy..

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